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Application of Semiochemicals in insect pest management    Aijun Zhang and Jian Chen
Chemical ecology in the Anthropocene Shannon Olsson 
Chemical ecology of disease vectors: from fundamental to applied research Marcelo Lorenzo and Rickard Ignell 
Eusocial Insects: chemical ecology of social organisation at the genetic, behavioural and ecological levels Anne-Geneviève Bagnères-Urbany, Robin Crewe , Baldwyn Torto , Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed 
Chemical ecology of fruit flies: from olfactory and behavioral mechanisms to pest management Dong Cha and Paul Cunningham, Alvin Hee
Chemical ecology of marine holobionts Catherine Leblanc and Soizic Prado 
Chemical mediators of antagonistic and mutualistic interactions with fungi Marko Rohlfs 
Chemical mimicry Andreas Jürgens and Katherine Goodrich
Commercialization of pheromone-based mating disruption: a success story for chemical ecology Larry Gut and Don Thomson
Commemorating Prof. Kenji Mori - Synthesis and Chemical Ecology Stefan Schulz
Evolution of Plant Chemical Defenses Shuqing Xu
Insect olfactory neuroethology Bill Hansson
Insect physiological responses to plant toxins Susanne Dobler and Franziska Beran 
Low and high molecular weight secondary metabolites of microorganisms structure ecological niches Birgit Piechulla 
Recent discoveries and new approaches to the study of plant volatiles and their roles in plant communication Andrea Clavijo-McCormick
Sexual communication in the Hymenoptera Joachim Ruther and  Johannes Stökl
The attractive/ repellent chemistry of flowers: pollinators, robbers and florivores Felipe Yon, Alexander Haverkamp and Julia Bing
The role of volatiles in mediating specialized plant-pollinator interactions Steven D. Johnson and Stefan Dötterl
Using chemical ecology in push-pull control of insect pests: from theory to implementation   John Pickett